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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Responses to a Comment - Jane Fonda and the War

A reader informs me that Jane really does feel she is doing the right thing. And that she is doing what most people won't do, speak up opposing the War. Must be a Fonda fan because we all know the only thing Fonda likes is publicity. For the last few years she has done anything and everything to get her face and name in the news. Jane doesn’t exist to me as an American, she is another useful idiot living in the US but completely incapable of understanding the US. And the comment about the War being just a quest for Bin Laden is also off the mark.

Sometimes I wonder if the defenders of such things have any ability to intellectually challenge their own thoughts, investigate, analyze the results, and make an informed decision based on the facts, not the Kool-Aid.

The War is about militant Islam wanting to rule the world through violence. It’s not Bin Laden’s alone, there are 1,000’s of Bin Laden types who will continue on long after he is dead. As I said in an earlier post, if you want that way of life, move to a nation that lives that way. Just remember that in that nation if you speak out against the rule of Islam, they kill you. Cheers…

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