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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Media Circus Summer 2005

ROFLMAO Category:

Sheehan – A parent who lost a child in the war, whoops the special feelings only a mother can have, has absolute authority to say anything they want, as long as it’s against the war. I often wonder why one of the outcomes of the gender wars is not the realization that Dads love their kids just as much as moms, every bit as much, end of line.

Air America steals from Kids and the media looks the other way. Like above, you must remember the media thinks about kids the same way a politician does, how can we use them, end of line.

Howard Dean and a lot of socialist useful idiots, think woman were better off under Saddam. Rape rooms, killing husbands, sons, and fathers are bad, but not real bad. But live under the rule of Islam and they might as well be dead themselves. Alas I thought that Islam was a cool religion and was a socialist’s wet dream. Well, which is it?

LMAO Category:

US Government Bigwigs have a month off (like Europe huh!!), yet the only complaints we hear are about the prez taking a month off. Yes no media bias, none what so ever…

Global warming, global cooling, global UN scam, any guess which is real???

SCOTUS nominee is too conservative, is not conservative enough, is completely known, is totally unknown, and we wonder why the US gov can’t get anything done… well I don’t.

Grandma had breast “searched” for “Buxom Buster” bomb and ACLU sues NYC for allowing search plans to target individuals who are within a 90-95% match of all known terrorist associated with Islam.

Names that mean the opposite;

American Civil Liberals (court mandated) Union,
Planned Parent (in the) Hood,
Americans Coming Together (power for me and useful idiot status for you!),
Air (head) America,
The New (Lost) York Times,
Mainstream (trout moved out long ago) Media,
Howard (I have a scream) Dean,
Rainbow Coalition (no white colors allowed),

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