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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

General Stuff - Politics, Weaklings, Courage

Politics, Durbin bites the dust in his emote driven apology which served as nothing more than a reminder about how spineless and weak the opposition to the US has become. The hate America crowd knows nothing about fact but googles (hint hint) about lies and emote driven wimps. The question is no longer will their be another self-imploding weakling displayed, but whom is next, how long will they hold the spotlight, and how many crock tears will they shed. I wonder if they all now are forced to go the the Clinton School of Crying???

Weaklings, rally the troops and or take your ball home, but, what if you no longer have a home? The weak are generally more scared than stupid and this drives most of their emote driven wimpeness. The weak always come together under pressure but as their nature requires they cannot act in strength, just further and increased displays of weakness, and maybe you we're expecting something else? You need to stay firmly planted and realize that weak is weak, they have no chance of acting otherwise, that is Nature's rules and they aren't up for disucssion.

Courage requires that we understand the weak, but we must never become like the weak. And yes now and then we have to take the weak over our knee and spank a little reality into them. Becuase if we don't, then what we really have to worry about scares me bigtime, we all might not have a home to come home too, think about that next time you think about acting weak, OK?

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