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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

California Braces for all out WARFARE!!!

Let’s see if you can guess which of the following the catalyst is;

1) Earthquakes
2) Illegal Immigration
3) Democratic Politicians
4) The Bay Area Rich White Female Senators
5) MJ Juror found brain-dead along with the DA
6) Los Angeles’s new mayor wants more “diversity”
7) The Teachers Union is pissed

I wonder how many of you guessed number 7 from that long and focused group of societal engineers. You might want to put your papers away, turn off your local and national news TV channels, and start reading BLOGS to get a true idea of what’s happening.

The Teacher’s Union is raising dues to fund $50 million plus TV ad program to attack anyone who dares not give them all the money they want, HOW DARE YOU! Don’t you know who they are? Don’t you know they control your child’s life and quality of life through the education system closed to all competition to ensure complete and total corruption? Whoops I meant to say the educational system that works to help us all.

What do they do for you, you might ask? Well how about this list;

1) Allow idiot bureaucrats to earn comfortable livings doing as little work as possible. What do these people “work” on you might ask? They argue and vote day in and day out on inserting societal issues into the classroom. How foolish of you to think they actually focused on educating the children, how silly indeed!
2) They work on ensuring the process has no competition, no outside accountability, and built in job protections.
3) They spend most of their time working on Democratic policy issues since that is a direct derivative of number 2.
4) They work day in and day out to ensure that young minds are dulled and trained not to think for themselves. Sharp and free thinking minds of course would never support this system and they know it.
5) They work on intense marketing programs aimed at the weak among us and camouflage them with catchy lines like “what’s best for the children”.

And number 5 is what you will see over the next 3-4 months, the rhetoric will become more shrill on the we demand more money side, the targeting of the weak will sharpen since they know only the weak can’t see through the shrill, the inclusion of “issues” with no relevance will increase as they seek to shift the game based on the poll of the hour results, and then of course they will continue the personal attacks on anyone who opposes them because that is really all they have.

They have no logic, they have no vision, they have no care about our children, and when all you have is nothing, you attack people.

That’s all they have…

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