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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Where are the Leaders these days?

We know Nature still creates them and we know they are operating out there somewhere, somehow, but why don’t we here more about them? And when the leadership term is used, by both sides of the political spectrum, it’s usually positive for their own and negative for the other side.

The greatest tragedy in the US is the weakinization of the leadership role in society. Its under constant attack and under constant vilification by all sorts of people who should be thrilled to see leadership at work, yet its not.
Is it simple because of politics and the old media monopoly dominated by weaklings? Leadership creates news and maybe the media just got caught up in all the emotion and forgot that they provide no leadership, no movement forward, and therefore we see the tired, weak, and ignorant more than we see truew leadership.

A challenge to the New Media, BRING BACK LEADERSHIP, as the primary focus of positive reporting. You too can drive a new reality by taking a leadership role that does more that shout down old media, a role that can once again tell the story of all people who lead, not by words, not by birth rights, not by selling out, no not those types. The true leaders of Nature are not attention seekers and not all about themselves, they instead make things happen and that is where you need to be, where things are happening.

Just some food for thought… try below for a taste…



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