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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

The Old White Men of the Old Media

All the Media’s Old White Men cannot be made to look as bad as last week by any outsider, only an insider group can hurl that much self-righteous BS upon themselves and smile about it.

They claim they took down a presidency, they claim Nixon was a bad man, they claim is was all done for the good of America, they claim it is all about investigative reporting, they claim they claim they claim… in reality is was all about themselves and their own sense of hatred.

These people clearly hate and hate is clearly their primary motive. Like most people motivated by hate they use terms that completely mask their true feelings and hope no one “see’s inside”.

Whoops, Old White Men you’ve been seen to be what you truly are, old white men who hate and nothing more than hate, dress it anyway you want, your petty basic haters forever more… how sweet it is to watch Nature at work… have a nice day!!!

Posted by Marc at 02:48 PM  ·  Marc