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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

How come the Democrats always say and do dumb things might you ask?

And no this is not a political hit piece it’s more about what really drives the political process, money. Following is the scenario that I believe is in “repeat mode” and will continue to be until the money problem is solved, and yes it can be solved, in fact it would be relatively easy.

Democrats run a “think shop” event somewhere where a bunch of big names are coached by a bunch of paid “thinkers” to delivery some sort of position based on hating George Bush. The “thinkers” interestingly enough allow the big names to frame the purpose and then spend some time telling them how to deliver the message. Since the Democrats only run in the here and now they don’t ask for and surely the “thinkers” won’t divulge any long term consequences, just get me out the door now! The reason why the “thinkers” won’t divulge the long term consequences is seen below.

The big name goes out and delivers the message and the Noise Machine (OLD MSM) picks up on it and all of the enlightened (read ruling class) jump for joy, drink the Kool-Aid and preach the word! It’s a standard operating procedure that is seen day in and day out across the land.

Then something happens, sometimes sooner and sometimes later but happen it does, someone actually fact checks the message (more often than not bloggers these days) and whoops, the message is found to be flawed or (with increasing regularity) a spin doctor routine with no facts to back it up, and sometimes an out and out lie.

Now what do you think happens next? Well the big name goes to the paid “thinkers” and says, “I need a way out!” and what do you think the “thinkers” think when this cycle comes full circle? Cha ching baby, cha ching...

And so the circle goes, day in and day out. Need proof, the biggest names in the "backroom" of demo politics are the money people because someone has to pay the thinkers as well as the cost of spreading the word...

Have a nice day!

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