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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Leak Case Spouts Leaks

Could it be that the case to investigate leaks is leaking itself? How could that be? You would think on this instance that the team investigating leaks would tell most insiders not to leak, wouldn’t you?

One of two things is happening, wishful thinking by the Noise Machine (Old MSM) to “TELL” the prosecutor what he needs to do or else they will be really mad at him. And he had better not get them mad at him because all hell will break loose if he “disappoints” them. Second thing is the Noise Machine is just leaking on itself and hoping no one will notice the source.

The second item is very telling as I feel they are so far gone (their must be a term for this) from reality. To them reality is the mirror they peer deep into and see themselves with wings and a halo. They have reporter one whisper into reporter two’s ear and then reporter two writes a front page article about the whisper. It’s like the talking head circuit where on slow nights talking heads “interview” other talking heads about what they said on their show.

The Noise Machine has been reduced in stature in many different ways (integrity, revenue, readership, etc.) and now we know they have been reduced to “leaking” on themselves, how funny indeed…

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