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Monday, October 24, 2005

Iraq, 2000 Deaths, and the Noise Machine's (new name for MSM) Bias

The American Military will soon experience the loss of a soldier that will mark a highlight in the life of the Noise Machine’s Body Politics, the loss of the 2000th American fighting in IRAQ. They will use this sad milestone for noise making announcements to be used against Republicans, the President, and whomever else they want to score points against.

The fact that some family will be grieving will not matter unless that family wants to join the Anti-War circus. The fact that Saddam’s regime isn’t killing thousands of Iraqis a year won’t matter. The fact that these soldiers are doing what they feel is right won’t matter. No the only thing that will matter is a news sound bite, a news graphic, a news milestone cherished by the worst among us.

Americans kill thousands of Americans every year and that is not national news because it is hard news, tough news, news that can’t be spun for political points, news that hurts, hits deep and hits hard.

The Noise Machine should be ashamed and shamed for their faux feelings, held accountable for their ignorant and arrogant posturing, and most importantly lack of understanding what the larger picture is and the more important goal, peace on earth for all people. Not just the few they consider important…

How low can they go, how low can they go…

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