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Friday, October 21, 2005

Another post on the CA Attack Ads

So they feel the nice guy approach isn’t working so they stoop to the usual depths of despair of the liberal mindset, attack, attack, attack! They hate fighters, they hate the use of force, they hate the use of tough tactics, unless of course it’s to protect their ideas, then and only then is fighting not only allowed, its required! No hypocrisy here, nothing to see, move along…

So what weapons did they choose for the fight you might ask, the usual suspects; UNLIMITED POWER (which is not a problem for them, only for someone else) for the Gov and the PROSPECT of Teacher Accountability of course!

The Gov will have UNLIMITED power to mess your life up, no more silly checks and balances, he will be free to wreck havoc, destroy your homes, wipe out your livelihood, and erect a Kingdom worthy of Medieval times to perch his throne upon they say shuddering at the thought. Oh my its coming they say its coming head for the hills while your still alive!!!

This one is completely radical and if true will bring our schools to the lowest depths imaginable and believe me you need a fertile imagination to imagine our schools getting any lower. The recent test that showed that most of our HS grads operate below the 8th grade level and apparently it wouldn’t be a problem if we just continue to spend more money, repeat after me, more money, more money, more money… sorry got lost in the Union moment now back to their complaint. This is huge so be fore warned, they say that under the new guidelines a principal, could mind you could, actually, maybe, fire a teacher. And what they worry about is our course what all principals will do with the new found power, fire all the good teachers of course!

That’s right you and I know darn well they will seek out the best teachers and using precision guided ordinance take them out. And you know this time they might be right so lets follow the logic. The principals are part of the Unions power base and the power base seeks to continue the excellent track record they have of making sure each generation of students is more clueless than the last, why you ask? Well isn’t it obvious that as the students’ performance continues its rapid decline we need to fix the problem and what do the Unions think will fix the problem, more MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

So whom is looking out for your children you might ask, well I have the answer for you, YOUR VOTE! USE IT!

It’s a fact of Nature that one of the best smiles a parent and child can have is when the parent cares for the child and the child knows it, please fix this while our children are still able to understand…

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