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Monday, July 11, 2005

What the Supreme Court fight is really about

So you think the make-up of the courts boils down to a fight between originalist and living constitution types? Well you are right to some degree and we won’t delve into the Justice Economy issues which are at the heart of a great deal of our problems today but that’s for another time.

But I think we have a very interesting side issue resulting from the Senates role in the process. And the question I have for you is thus, what is the real purpose of the Senate? Some of the senators are as old or older than the judges and yet they still get elected every 6 years well beyond their usefulness.

It’s clear that the Senate now thinks it’s the launching pad for presidential types, MSM TV time for big mouths, for pledging allegiance to special interest groups and other money streams, but, who and what drives this process?

What we really have on display is the Demo and Repub machines and how they operate. So you might ask, why do they target the Senate? Well it’s clear these races are the most costly next to the prez and some governor jobs, and their are only a 100 of them no matter what, so the rule of numbers comes into play. Its an opportunity to focus your money and energy maximizing your profit opportunity. The manufactured high costs keep out the vermin!

Note: The House of Reps doesn’t count anymore since they redistrict themselves into safe zones and the race process is very different under those conditions.

The Supreme Court fight continues to finish the job the Clintons started sometime ago, to piss off enough voting Americans to demand transparency into the government process. Does anyone really think Byrd and Kennedy are speaking for themselves? Really, they are given the talking points and they read from them, just like you, I, or Dan Rather could, and do whatever their handlers want them too.

The machines need to be outed and forced transparency needs to be the rule of law in our government, then things would get interesting…

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