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Monday, July 11, 2005

Whom do you want to respond to your cry for help?

OK, so your under attack by some group, insert hate group name here, and now you start to wonder, what do I do?

You have two choices or maybe a combo of the two, try and help yourself, or call for a local response team. If you’re unarmed and the hate group can easily over power you then your only choice is to try and get a call off for support.

So imagine your call for help is answered and the operator informs you help is on the way, you feel relieved for a quick second and hope they arrive soon. In a few minutes they pull up and engage the hate group.

Just when you think things are getting better boom it hits you, the response team sent is lead by Alan Colmes, Sean Penn, and Barbara Boxer!

You first thought is to think you’ve been sent to hell, your second is to think why are they here since they clearly have no capability to deal with any situation outside a tea party?

And just as your about to write your life off you notice an opportunity, the hate group is laughing so loud at the response team your able to slip out the back and head for the hills!

Talk about a nightmare…

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