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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

You Must Be Kidding Live Ate!!

I guess it was to be expected, the celebrity fawning, the faux intelligence on display, the oldest rockers on the planet, sluts’ right next to royalty, must be a show to help someone!!

I often wonder why these usually very rich “celebs” aren’t donating their entire fortunes to help with Africa? I wonder why they are not down there “living” with the people, helping them one step at a time? I wonder why it’s important for them to tell me to send my money to Africa when my government already takes a lot of my money and sends it all over the world?

Oh yes I forgot, they are helping educate me! The lead slut, who by the way had to move to Europe to avoid walking down the street here and having every other guy wink at her for past favors, wants to start a revolution! Yea baby, only you can go from real slut to underground slut and pretend to be legitimate after a few ghost writers pen some children’s books for you. And you’re going to educate me on what? Soft public porn? Single digit IQ philosophy? Yea baby, let them eat Cake is surely the way to solve the problem, yea baby!

As usual, avoiding the real problem and grandstanding triumphed at this thoughtful yet incredible stupid attempt at solving a real and scary problem.

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