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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hatred is now out in the open, is that good or bad?

We’ll it didn’t take long for hatred to become a normal part of the MSM’s message and projection machine. For a long time the only open hatred allowed was over politics, because as we all know, its just politics, nothing real right?

Now we have the Terrorist groups out in the open and telling the Western World we are going to kill you and take over the planet. And with each passing day these people fell like it’s completely OK to now go “mainstream” and openly explain how they will murder us.

So is it good or is it bad? I think it’s great since we have had MSM blinders on for a long time while this was building and the sooner it gets outed the better. Under ground they could achieve a certain momentum, but above ground they will find the momentum much harder to maintain, not easier. I wonder how long it will take them to figure this out.

And momentum is the key to these hate groups as hatred runs out on its own as nature continually strives to preserve strength over weakness. Right now they are gaining momentum with the low hanging fruit that only a media push could generate. But once those low hanging fruits kill themselves off the momentum will fall off and what might we ask will they turn to after that?

Flying under the radar and not being detected is one thing, flying above the radar and winning the fight is a completely different matter because in the end, nature produces more strength than weakness and hatred is pure weakness, plain and simple…

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