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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And the Global Warming fun continues…

Hey remember that law about unintended consequences or something like that… We’ll now we have the rich and infamous starting a “contest” to get rid of all the bad stuff that causes “Global Warming”. Wows just vacuum the sky and presto instant clean and beautiful Earth, aww how could anyone not go yahoo about this kind of “contest”. Why it’s so good even Al Gore and the NY Times thinks it’s great and we all know anytime those two think anything’s great how well it turns out!!!

But the Virgin guy has been very successful in many different types of business opportunities so it’s really no surprise that the Gore-man and the NY Times would hitch their bandwagon to him since neither has had a victory for a long long time…

Well as you might suspect by now I have a somewhat different take on this and that is simply stop trying to play with things beyond your control boys because when Mother Nature bites back nothing can stop her and the consequences are un-imaginable to your pretty little hearts…

1st rule of Management, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it, period.
1st rule of Measurement, if your measurement criterion changes with the wind you can’t measure it, period.
1st rule of Criterion Management, if your criteria has to be cherry picked to be consistent you have no consistency, period.
1st rule of Consistency, if your consistency model requires a view of less than 2 parts of a billion, you have no consistency, period.
1st Rule of View, if you can’t view the full 4-D model you’re not looking at the full view, period.
1st rule of Full View, if you can’t see the full view you are flying blind, period.
1st rule of Flying Blind, ensure legal will is complete before takeoff, period.
1st Rule of Take-Off Management, ensure you can manage the situation, see 1st rule of management, period.

When screwing with Mother Nature buddy you had better have a lot more going for you than a billion bucks and a pipedream… going through life with massive amounts of arrogance coupled with infinite ignorance is no way to go through life son…

Have a good one…

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