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Monday, February 26, 2007

Whew, the world’s second longest commercial is over…

The Gollywood annual self-absorption commercial is over and the early reports look good, viewing audience could be close to if not the worst ever, politics on the deranged left were on full display, Gore won for the best political hit piece and the same docudrama won the best song award too, all to convenient no???

The Worlds longest commercial though is starting to look a bit frayed as the Global Warming Socialist Commercial continues to suck up all factions of the “We love earth” activist groups. The Ad Industry will be the first to tell you that no matter HOW GOOD the commercial might be sooner or later the masses will tune it out unless is has new energy and-or new direction. Once all of the green loonies are sucked into the Global Warming commercial the economic principle of diminishing returns will loom large. Gore on his own has no new energy, Gollywood can only rerun the same commercial for so long, and “new hotness” has fast feet in star power chambers.

The movement itself can never go in a new direction since its omni-directional by design. Telling people your with us or against the Mother Ship will not sell well in the long run since most of us NOT COMMITTED to Global Warming love the planet just as much as any Global Warming clown, in fact probably more.

So let’s break down the two main differences between the Global Warming crew and the rest of us shall we;

Global Warming: Man is doing bad things to the planet and we need GOVERNMENT run bureaucracies to MANAGE the problems.

Rest of US: The Free Market combined with the proper incentives will preserve the earth in the long run.

As anyone with a hint of reality will tell you the Earth faces tons of issues most much larger than man’s influence on the planet’s eco-systems. The Sun could wipe us out in a matter of minutes, something from beyond the solar system could do the same. What about all the Volcano’s and their impact on the atmosphere? What about all the unknowns stemming from the oceans, the polar caps, blah blah blah…

Global Warming is the worlds longest running commercial, or maybe I should say Infomercial, and the Big Government types will stay with it until something new comes along because they aren’t wedded to Global Warming as much as they are to their true beliefs, power over the little people, that be you and me…

Have a good one…

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