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Monday, August 8, 2005

Air America chickens come home to roost! How many others are their out there?

Sometimes reality is just so sweet and as always with Nature, right in your face. Here we have this obviously poorly run corporation stealing money from kids and seniors and using those funds to over pay the clown patrol trying to run the place.

Now if the left is consistent they will find a fall guy, jettison that person (usually a white male), and blame everything on him and ensure everyone that now, yes now, everything is just fine.

The MSM will stay silent unless the fall guy breaks silence and they will quickly move on to over hype non-existent stories bashing conservatives. And you say will the fall guy break his silence? Well not if he ever wants to work in that city again, right? He got his loans, will take the heat, and turn up a few years from now doing something just as dishonest with public funds but hopefully for his sake he won’t be as stupid as this time, but he will surface.

How much do these liberal leaning “government funded” groups actually siphon off from the tax fund pipeline and use on themselves and not on the intended recipients? How many have huge salaries and zero workload and complain about anything that doesn’t expand their power base?

It’s a self feeding frenzy on the left (for 40+ years) and what scares me is the right is not trying to stop it anymore, it wants its own taste of the tax pipeline. Must be one helluva an addicting taste…

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