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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Attacks at the Govenator, Part II

Well it is round two of the California Public Unions attack on Arnold, aka someone trying to reform their Garden of Eden. The commercials will no doubt pick up as the election gets closer but it’s interesting to see them spend money on the slowest news time of the year and months before the election. This is going to be one expensive fight for the Unions.

But don’t fret dear young socialist, they have very deep pockets, very deep and well connected. I wonder if they get lower air time prices with their connections, and I wonder whom would investigate that if they did, but alas I must return to reality and the fact that everything above is “owned” by one party in CA and is a self enclosed circle of buds!

The first set of attack ads featured “cute 30s-40s” something FEMALE teachers saying that Arnold lied and they died, whoops I meant stole their annually budget increase and won’t give it back. We all know this to be a lie but in politics, who cares? And of course the teacher displayed is completely “PC” and therefore so heart wrenching that we ach with agony watching her dis the gov.

The second set of ads running now are the firemen, interestingly enough played by “cute 30s-40s” FIREMEN looking oh so concerned and driving home the point that they are under personal attack because the gov is not doing exactly what they want, read More Money!

I’m sure the Police Union ads will be the third set of ads along the same lines as above using both “cute 30s-40s Female and Male” police personnel complaining about, you guessed it more money!

The Unions are so spoiled in CA that it almost takes your breath away. They don’t hesitate to threaten our children’s schooling, our houses on fire, and our public safety via the police to get their point across. I don’t know if it’s this way in other states but the CA Unions are spoiled (Grey Davis was a godsend to them) and very very dangerous.

Government Unions might be the 2nd most dangerous entity in America very closely behind the legal system. And if that doesn’t scare you baby, keep drinking the kool-aid and pray little socialist pray…

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