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Monday, August 8, 2005

Judge Roberts and Politics

Well now that Congress is on their yearly, month long (wish you had one of those eh??), vacation the news on the Roberts nomination has slowed a bit. So you might ask, what are they doing with all of this time?

Their staffs are busy searching for information and preparing for a “public relations war” not to do what’s best for the country as they will say but to maximize their TV time and reel in the angry left donation dollars!

They will trot out the old stand bys and the Democratic wing of the MSM will rejoice with all the “heated” / “vital” and important efforts to ensure no one even thinks about over turning Roe vs. Wade!

The bottom line to our courts is rooted in the belief that un-popular practices must be implemented by the courts. Judges routinely break their vows and legislate from the bench.

Now that would be interesting, let’s forget Roe vs. Wade and focus on judges who legislate and what the public can do about that. Now that would really scare the left and it’s legends of judges / lawyers.

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