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Friday, August 11, 2006

And the children came to play,,,

Nature has one predominant growth pattern, from young to old. It’s in all things living, and not, and along the way living things evolve with experience. It happens in animals of all stripes and locals as they “learn” what works and what doesn’t work, else they have a good chance of being somebody’s dinner, that’s just the way nature is, learn or perish.

If one refuses to learn but still grows older one had best be human or else! Humans have developed to the point where we now have “oldies but goodies” whom demonstrate on a daily basis that they have not grown, that they don’t understand Nature’s bottom line law, eat or be eaten. No they feel they have evolved past that and anybody who doesn’t accept that mantra is an idiot. Yet we know in Nature’s view the selfish, arrogant, ignorant, “peace is the only way” is nothing but a short distance from death.

We have seen repeatedly that a certain population of the planet still strongly believes death is the only way to live and have no problem DYING to prove it, just so long as they can take a few of those they hate with them. I haven’t seen many accounts of them pulling mass suicide actions without infidels, have you?

We see the selfish, arrogant, ignorant view splashed out daily from the old MSM machine as if it was the only view, we see a victory in a small little senate race heralded as proof of peace is the only way, we hear of ridicules polls indicating 60% of Americans want to lose the war on terror or have bought into some wacky scheme to make things better! No what we have is the small fringe group who refuse to grow, hoping, even PRAYING, to return to some level of National Power to prove that selfish, arrogant, ignorant policies are what’s best.

Am I worried they will take over the Senate, Hell No, am I worried they will take over the House, Hell No, the presidency, HILL no, the Country, Hell no, the world, hell no! You want to know why? It’s easy because Nature rules the planet and the selfish, arrogant, ignorant children who never grow up are doomed to be eaten or more likely these days to be killed by terrorist and all the while wondering what happened to their Grand Plan? Never under estimate Nature or her rules of engagement because to do us is an open invitation to death, that’s just the way it is…

Have a good one…

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