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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

This and That Politicians, Media, War, Weakinization…

Ned Lamont is the final proof that money can BUY any political position although it seems more prevalent in the Democratic Party. The new guy is a trust fund baby whom no doubt represents most of his constituency. Money, Money, and more Money is what it takes in politics these days, principles appear to have not only be forgotten, but lost in the quagmire.

Wow some people are just now noticing that the Old Noise Machine (MSM) uses as many fake images and stories as Gollywood, why is that news? They have been substituting opinion pieces in place of news for years, they create fake polls and roll them out as “news” on a regular basis, they quote themselves as news, they hire Gollywood people to ensure their image is correctly “perceived” by the masses, OF COURSE ITS FAKE! It’s all bought and paid for, Money, Money, and more MONEY and you can create any reality you want, ANY REALITY!

Well we know that the WAR in the Middle East is going well for Israel if everyone is demanding they stop pounding the *&(^ out of the Hezbo’s. Nothing speaks more “TRUTH TO POWER” or whatever that silly phrase is when we see the World Opinion crowd wining and crying, a sure sign your kicking ASS!!

We must ensure that all of us in the Western World who don’t want to see the Western world kill itself or be killed to understand the true “game” going on and that’s the “WEAKINIZATION” of all strength until no majority strength exists. And you might ask why is that a problem? Well in Nature their has to be a majority strength (it exists in all species not just humans) and if the western world succumbs you can bet something will climb to the top, something that should scare the hell out of you because we can tame the western world through actions and words, that might not be true with what emerges after the weakinization crowd wins, be scared, very scared…

Have a good one…

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