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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fringe Mainstream and Strong - Weak Classification

Polls, Polls, Polls, News from the left, news from the right, mothers teaching their children to be suicide bombers, flag burning, photo-shop hatred, peace marchers, all have one thing in common, they represent the MINORITY in the real world.

The only place they represent a majority is in the news cycles, flash across the news outlets a march to support the Hezbos and you see what, 30?, 50? people maybe, usually with more news people that actual protesters and it gets blanketed on the news outlets like a major event. Who’s fooling whom here?

The media has long worked by the formula that tension, hysterics, fringe that threatens the norm are the key to better ratings. They search high and low, long and hard, up and down for these types of events to parade across their channel thinking that this is the way to fame and fortune.

Yet we all know now their fortunes are crumbling daily, their fame is usually self supported and lost in the new world of personalized media, yet they continue their march based of the playbooks of those whom ruled generations ago.

We know with Fake photos and news stories they can no longer hide, we know their audience is shrinking faster and faster yet they march on, we know they have lost most is not all credibility yet they stand firm in their suspicions, we know they stand united as long as no threat to their lifestyle is in play, we know they are scared and crumble in the presence of strength, we know they can only dream about a past long since lost, we know all of this and yet they seem to know none of it, makes one wonder whom can’t read the news…

Easy to spot the weakinization crowd now eh? All those thinking the ceasefire was good and all those thinking the Hezbo’s won please stand up and be counted. For all the rest whom aren’t sure, look at the standing and you see the real face of weakness, of the weakinization crowd, and you should NEVER, NEVER, see them through any other light for the weakinization crew is weak on all things and these moments of clarity where they expose themselves should stand as clear markers in your mind next time you see them fake strength, remember these moments and classify them accordingly.

To not do so is to put you and your children’s future at great risk, Nature will not be kind and there’s not a thing you can do to change Nature, but you can change your actions… think about it…

Have a good one…

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