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Friday, August 18, 2006

Another Court decision that over takes politics and the war!!

What a surprise huh?????????

Yep another court decision deciding what the GOV can do and what it can’t, and yes another decision totally based in politics, in the area of war where the lib courts go nuts and rule against the people of the US. So what choice do we have I ask, what choice?

Do we continue to elect conservatives whom might not be perfect but at least know when our safety is at risk? Do we continue to let the courts decide political outcomes? Let the courts decide the outcomes of WAR? Let the courts continue to decide the issues in the cultural war? The war on drugs? The war on personal civil liberties? The war on this? The war on that? The courts are now the defacto battlefield, and what can we do?

We’ll I’ve decided to step onto the courts battlefield and consider a class action suit, a class action suit that covers all Americans under attack by the likes of the following types;

ACLU, the judges whom decide based on politics,
John Kerry, Rockefellers, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Leahay, list will grow over time no doubt,
Most of the old Mass Media Companies and the corporations that own them, here me G.M.? Disney? Etc…

When the next terrorist act hits the USA these people will be tried as war criminals, acts of treason, they will lose all pensions, trust funds, living estates-wills, they will serve out their remaining years on the planet at Leavenworth as enemies of the USA.

Time to act, Time to act, join the class action lawsuit, add defendants to the lists and let’s prepare the suit, because as they continue to weaken us we know an attack is coming, then they will have their day in their favorite place, the COURTS!!!

Have a nice day…

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