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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why Racism Remains a “Tough” Issue

Basic Problem: We have created a large and robust economy that feeds on Racism and has no desire to go away. We have large groups of people who do nothing but “judge racism”, sue things because of “racism”, “see” racism when no one else can, report racism anytime they feel wronged, … The list is long but you get the idea, it’s a LARGE and Growth Oriented ECONOMY from the 70’s-90’s and now we have to deal with it.

Some definitions of racism (see below) cast such a huge shadow that no one can escape it, no one. These groups have become predictable and in my opinion so causal in their approach that they think racism is a part of everyone’s life and it is what it is. They “judge ” only certain types of racism though and that is the key to understanding this economy.

To this group all white individuals in the US are racist and some are smart enough to know it and admit it and the rest are hiding behind some “shield” of their own construction. The Free Market system, the Legal system, the Political system, the School system, the XXXXXX system, are all racist based systems because they exist in the US and the US is clearly racist. Such a neat and concise thought process clearly indicates an economy that is self-serving, forever needed, forever “wanted”, and most importantly, but of course, required for our very survival!

So let’s focus on their real focus, shall we? White people are bad because they have built a racist society and they are the racist. All other people of “color” cannot be racist because they have been subjected to “white” racism and therefore have an “excuse”. A perfect self feeding loop and this economy loves perfect self feeding loops since they perpetuate the perpetuators!

Racism creates a lot of emotion in people of all colors, all ages, all nations, etc… because it’s not “racism” that’s the problem, it’s a manifestation of outward and / or inward hatred and hatred is part of the human experience. And until we evolve past hatred we are stuck with racism and therefore must learn to manage those who use it as a “societal shaping” tool, a power / wealth redistribution tool, a guilt trip projection tool, and a tool to control government power which is racism at its worst, yes worse than all the others combined because it is only through government sponsored racism can the racism economy survive.

Sometime we must face the fact and remove the haters from government, remove the carefully built scaffolding used to support this heinous economy which has grown from what was really needed, a “big and loud outing” and educational process, into a industry focused on pure hatred, its that simple.

Racism Definitions:
Dictionary: The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.

“Professor”: discusses how the American educational system breeds closet racists. A closet racist is defined as "a person with racial prejudices who is unaware of those prejudices as such, usually because he or she has never been afforded the opportunity to discuss racial prejudice as such". The language of the closet racist can be divided into three strands: 1] fear; 2] unaware-ness; and 3] dis-ownership.

“Public Source”: The belief that the character and abilities of individuals are correlated with their race is not necessarily racism, since this can be asserted without implying an inequality in value. Racism as a term is usually applied to actions by a dominant group in a society on others. Weaker groups are unlikely to practice racism publicly on a more dominant or powerful group, as they would effectively be unable to. This highlights the difference between oppression and repression.

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