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Monday, December 19, 2005

Odds and End

Odd: NY Times “schedules” “news” story to hurt Republicans.
Odder: Democrats go on wild rampage with the “news” story.
Oddest: NY Times and Democrats fail to realize the harm they do to the Nation because all they can think about is themselves, boy am I shocked!

Odd: NSA “spies” on Americans who communicate with Terrorist, no one seems to notice that is their MAIN JOB in Life!
Odder: Liberal cry babies up in arms, mad as hell, and aren’t gonna take it anymore.
Oddest: Most Americans know that anyone listening to them better have a lot of coffee handy cause it can’t get more boring, scratching their heads wondering what all the fuss is about!

Odd: Boys under performing at schools across the Nation doesn’t bother anyone.
Odder: The Ruling Class doesn’t care since it’s paying back all the boys who weren’t even born when “men” abused woman as part of their daily life. What, you didn’t know that all men through all of time abused woman? How so non-modern of you!
Oddest: Ms. Dowd wonders why she can’t find any “men” to date while failing to notice the “new feminine” society considers all males animals, criminals, racist, sexual deviates, etc. etc., and that maybe that constant pounding is taking its toll in a way she and most other woman don’t see yet and when they do I’m guessing they will be surprised to find men want nothing to do with woman whom act that way, heh!

Odd: Money motivates the “new ruling class” more now than ever before.
Odder: Rich white people win Times people of the year awards.
Oddest: Rich white people, and especially rich white democrats, apparently only people in America who aren’t racist.

Odd: People in Middle East DIG Free Will
Odder: Horde of Mediacrats and Professors scratching head wondering how that can be remain skillfully silent in the face of the obvious.
Oddest: Nature can create Mediacrats and Professors so completely void of any understanding of Nature. Long Live Free Will!!


XMAS making a comeback, Happiness makes a comeback, sorry sourpusses!!

Merry XMAS!!!

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