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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Weak, Weaker, Weakest

Weak: Attacking the President while he’s protecting us so you can promote your book, NY Slimes and its crew of klowns!

Weaker: Idiot reporter thinks he can read the presidents mind by projecting his own dreams into the Presidents mind, some actually think the reporter has a brain, some actually think the reporter knows what he’s doing, but most know the reporters a little man with a little mind… sounds like your typical reporter these days making things up to appease their miniature brains…

Weakest: Democratic operatives trying to score political points at the expense of the safety of the American People, in fact it doesn’t get any weaker, if you’re a Dem I wonder how you sleep at night? Or does waking up the next morning not mean anything to you?

Have a nice day!

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