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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Has political reporting been reduced to an agenda driven business?

Why are facts and straight forward discussions sent to the rear while emotional stories are sent to the front? Could if be that the news cares more about ratings than the truth? How funny would that be! Or more like it, how accurate is that? Have they been reduced to liberal kool-aid only audiences so fast that no one has noticed it yet?

The blog-o-sphere rips the old media a new one on a daily basis and they just seem to look the other way and hope no one calls them on their BS. But they now know they are being called on all the foolish-childish BS they spew yet spew they continue.

They have correction policies that would make a 3rd world dictator smile with pride. No need to correct in the same manner as the original error, stuff it in a far far away galaxy and just pretend it didn’t happen. Reminds me of the lawyer tactic where they make a point or ask a question they know will be tossed out but the agenda point is already delivered and the correction amounts to a useless procedure.

The NYT is charging for the privilege of reading its opinion writers. I wondered why they did this and then I realized that my above statement is correct, they have been reduced to a kool-aid only audience. And in reality it’s a two-fer because now the corrections are locked away in a place where almost no one will care for the truth unless it matches their worldview.

Talk about a galaxy far far away…

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