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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Second Installment; Hillary vs. the Ham Sammich

Newsflash: The latest polling numbers from IP – ONU have just been released and the race is incredible close. At this time, 2+ years out from the race, it’s neck and neck with the Ham Sammich holding onto a close lead.

The poll reflects a slight up-tic for the Hillary as her continual assault on blaming Bush for Natural Disasters seems to be sinking in among the general populace. Bolstered by her husbands tacking to the left while she tacks to the center and her husbands ability to attract women who wear knee pads like the NOW team, the poll more that ever indicates that the race is up for grabs.

Not to be outdone by the Hillary, the Ham Sammich is going on the offensive with a stunning display of tacking right and left at the same time which has enabled Sammich lovers from both sides of the aisle to get a taste of what’s to come. The Ham Sammich then upped the ante by adding a slice or two of Swiss Cheese topping off a perfect response to the Clinton’s team tack strategy.

We know in the coming months the race will heat up as tacking and more tacking becomes the normal course of action. The real question still remains, how much tack do the Clintons still have? And is it enough to thwart the never ending onslaught expected from the Ham Sammich?

Stay tuned readers…

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