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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

California Politics is Ramping Up Again

As we’ve discussed before the political hit ads on Arnold are appearing again and I must admit I got it wrong. I had predicted that the next wave would be Police ad’s with male and female political correct types featured. And dang it I blew it cause the ad’s are with the police, the people are completely PC, but they don’t have a female in them!! Since we all know the police departments have lots of female officers it makes you wonder why females aren’t in the ads?

Of course the school teacher ad’s still have the cutesy female PC type but I am really disappointed that this new ad lacks females. I wonder if the NOW organization is on this yet? And if not why not?

But I suspect the war is just in phase two for now. The August ads we’re polled and the Sept ads were adjusted accordingly. So I suspect that the male and female policeperson ad will come, but it’s either a phase 3 ad or most likely a final weak, whoops, week ad designed to emote people instead of educate them.

It’s fun to watch the “Ruling Class” fight for their life…

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