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Monday, September 19, 2005

What is Trans-Atlantic and World Wide even?

So you might think the talking class is only a problem in America? What about the talking heads in Europe? The Middle East? Asia? Africa? I wonder what they all have in common even though clearly they have “grown up” in different parts of the world?

They all share the same delivery traits, pretend to be more informed than anyone else except “their” experts who are usually brought on to confirm the Kool-Aid, speak down upon the un-nuanced (read un-sophisticated), can’t handle a conflicting view without shouting, screaming, crying, and of course huffing and puffing!

When you read the simple hatred the Europe based press agencies spew about how Katrina is America’s fault and we are getting what we deserve, etc. it just removes any sense of human understanding. It does win them immediate entrance into The Talking Head Spiritual revolution.

The Talking Head Spiritual revolution is based on the Ruling Class template which has been in existence since the dawn of life. It must be seen as a very simple and straightforward condition that affects the same type of people no matter where they are brought up and regardless of the system they operate in.

It operates in any and all political systems and its primary existence is built on the fact that all of our current systems require a “Ruling Class” and therefore we cannot escape their existence. And please don’t be so naïve to think that systems that have Kings, or Dictators, or whatever type of “Supreme Ruler” don’t also have a ruling class because they all do.

Now the obvious question is what do we do to control their abuse of the system and the self-feeding characteristics that spawn from them (think political talking heads, think tanks, etc.) and how do we correct them when they veer off course? The “management” or lack there off is what has killed all the great civilizations on the planet and will ours too if we don’t adopt processes to ensure they stay on course and take corrective action as needed.

The founders felt that voting them in and out on a regular basis would solve the problem and I think in the past that was true. But it’s clear now that the Ruling Class is finding ways around those built-in procedures to keep the Ruling Class from becoming to powerful. We all know most of the House seats are now somewhere around 95-98% gerrymandered such that the turnover rate from a “political party” viewpoint is almost non-existent. The Senate is now a rich only club where you can buy in, but you can’t get in just because you want to do the right thing for your state. The Senate is owned by the two dominant political parties and calculates power distribution based on money distribution. In fact they spend just like a business, only when they feel the return is worth it, and in case you forgot, the only return they favor is a vote on the Senate floor. The Senate also tries to assert some level of control over the 3rd arm of the government, when the demo’s are in charge, by waging political wars when the president does his job with regards to the appointment of judges. For some reason this doesn’t happen when the Demo’s run the White House.

So the only remaining battle is the POTUS, which both parties fight over every four years and yes FIGHT is the right word. The same people who “claim” to favor peaceful ways to resolve conflicts have no problem “fighting” for power. They will fight with anyone and anyway to get what they want and still have the nerve to say they are all about peace. Bulksh!t.

More on this overtime as I feel we need to discuss openly the attempt to dismantle our free election system by the Ruling Class…

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