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Monday, April 25, 2005

The UN Insider Club

The former US Ambassador to the UN Mr. Holbrooke was on the Factor a couple of months ago and really let the cat out of the bag. The discussion was about Kofi and when asked about him he replied, I like him and he’s a friend of mine, or close to that. It’s very telling that the 1st thing these people talk about is their relationships and feelings, which is common among the self described “elite”, not the job that’s being done or needs to be done. This is management 101 and uses the tried and true technique of moving a discussion from an action issue to a personal touchy-feely opportunity.

The UN is just like any other bureaucracy that knows it is accountable to no one, it’s an insider – outsider mentality. On the inside you can do damn near anything you want no matter how ugly and as long as your not caught by an outsider, no problem!

It’s a cancer feeding on itself and the fact that it’s been reduced to a hater of the US is not a surprise, it’s really the only thing they can accomplish!!

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