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Monday, April 25, 2005

Management and the U.N.

John Bolton, Management, and the U.N.

Well it’s obvious that the foes in this discussion have little or zero management experience. Now I only have 20 plus years in management so I might not be an expert but I do know that any manager worth her or his salt has enemies in their past, there are no exceptions! And if they are not only a manager, but also a leader, then include the weak who like to ankle bite on the list of people who will bad mouth a manager.

Included in this discussion should be the people who actually liked working for the manager, their list of accomplishments, etc. Although management style is important it’s not really a key or stopper to success. A bland manager can be a good or bad manager, a manager with “good style? can be good or bad, and a manager with a “bad? style can be good or bad.

If you manage large groups of people rest assured some will like your style and some will not and that is the real key to management success, applying the appropriate management style based on the people involved and the situation at hand. And in case you’re wondering, sometimes that’s a very complicated and “tricky? process that is the hardest part of the management workload.

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