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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Top 10 List: What to do about gas prices?

For Left Libs:
10. Swear off private jets for a few years
9. Reduce plane trips to Europe or “over seas” to less than a 100 a year!
8. Cut the SUV fleet to under 10
7. Reduce the entourage by 50% (or less than a 100)
6. Try to dine “out” less than 6 times a week
5. Drink “latte kjhkjhjg blah blah blah” at home
4. “Let” your kids walk or ride a bike to school
3. Cap travel to parties and social gatherings to 20 a week
2. Reduce climate control in the 20+ rooms not used in the mansion
1. Don’t drive to Crawford Texas

For the rest of us:
4. Slow down
3. Carpool – It’s fun! (Sometimes!)
2. Drive smart
1. Drive less

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