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Friday, July 28, 2006

This and that…

The fighting continues in the Mid East and the back seat drivers are out in full force, as predicted, full of opinions, full of strategies, full of, but of course, themselves!!!

The aggressive “talk” to determine the meaning of “proportionality” with regards to armed response to armed aggression based on U.N. law is kinda funny because U.N. law is meaningless childlike words designed to protect the guilty and enrich the death and destruction crowd, nice. The only aggression you will ever see out of the U.N. / E.U. / Old Media Circus crowd is words which is why dictators and the murder for power crowd love them and always will. As I’ve said before “useful idiots” are available for the taking and all you need to do it start killing your own people and they will flock to your side, kinda ironic huh!

What this really boils down to is hatred, plain and simple hatred of Jews, their Country’s prosperity, and their ability to control their own government which is a rare combination in that general area of the world. So you have European hatred of Jews on full display, you have US based peace groups hatred of Jews on full display, you have Jews hatred of Jews on full display, and you have the supreme Jew haters, the World of Radical Islam, on full display and waging war, again, and again, and again... And some people think we have evolved as a species to a point where words can overcome hatred, hmmm. I wonder how far some people can stuff their heads in the sand and am often amazed at the depth they achieve…

Some lightweight Senators have decided to step into the ring with John Bolton and question his actions at the U.N. After hearing the exchanges I fully expect the “useful idiot” crowd to come to John Bolton’s side because he took the Senators apart and is was ugly. You would think the Senators handlers would at least be smart enough to keep the clown senators out of the ring with real intellect!

Hillary “bust” as the next President of the US goes on display at the Museum of Sex soon and I know she is thrilled. Probably the closet she’s come to sex since the 70’s! Is it true that any buzz is good buzz???

Cindy Sheehan bought 5 acres of land near Bush’s ranch to be closer to the man she thinks about more than any man on earth. I am starting to worry she has a crush on the president and he might need to get a restraining order soon! I do have one easy prediction though, around January 20 2009 that land will be up for sale!

Local politics is starting again as the challenger is dissing Arnold by claiming that by blocking Arnold’s attempts to control the Unions he did the right thing for the CA people, and in a way he’s right as his mission is taxes, taxes, and more taxes and we have lots of CA Union people who love the challenger for this reason and this reason only. But the best part is the final smear where he disses Arnold because he was an “actor”, should be fun to watch the Hollywood crowds reaction to this. My bet is they will remain silent because their principles are, but of course, based on politics!

Have a good one…

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