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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

MSM Theme Dances Coming Your Way Soon!!

1. Hate the War, great, try these dances;

Spotlight on Casualties!! All Bad News is the News!!

Prisoner Abuse – Beheadings for us and Steak for the Enemy!!

War of Failure – We Refuse to allow the US to Win!!!

2. Think Politicians walk on water, here you go;

Political Hit Dance – Lie and Attack Till Your Hearts Content!!

Award Yourselves – Since no one else will!!

Walk on the People – Step on those lowly voters all night long!!

3. Think MSM cares about you, try these;

Anonymous Ball – All your stories come from your “secret friend”!!

Steal Your Story – Why work for it, you’re entitled to it!!

Friends or Truth – Never worry about the truth, ever again!!

And of course the normal rules apply to all dances, dress like a snob, act arrogant, be condescending to the staff, and pretend like your royalty to be admitted.

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