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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It’s not the Feminization of the US, it’s the ‘WEAKINIZATION’!

Do not confuse the 35 year effort to weaken the US with the Feminist movement or the Feminization of the US which some like to throw around as what we “now” see underway. The Feminist had their time, the public was educated, and now they just hang around as a political opportunity group focused on electing people who will keep their gender based economy rolling along.

The real threat is those that seek to weaken the US through any and all channels available. They have no scruples, know no boundaries, have no understanding of the consequences, and come from all of the “protected” groups in the US. In fact one of the greatest attacks (in terms of success) is the constant labeling effort that targets the strong and allows a “weakening” economy to be established. In the name of religion, gender, race, origin, etc…, these groups seek to continue to burden the strong and “use” the weak.

The burden comes in many forms; the most obvious is taxes (results of labor re-distribution), followed by hate based economies (race, religion, etc.), legal system abuse (over riding the will of the people), school system abuse (their killing our kids minds), environmentalist, etc. The list is long and full of the usual suspects and in case you were wondering has deep rots, whoops roots, in the “International” community. I love it when the ones that hate us have no problem making money in our system.

The term “useful idiot” flourishes in this process and it’s really hard to find an example where you don’t have a set of useful idiots running around acting, well like idiots. You have to love the clown patrol “protecting” Saddam’s rights while they are still un-covering mass graves where he murdered women and children. The weakest of the weak murder and abuse children and those that do should have a fast path back to Mother Nature’s base material building blocks. Children are the future and we must build strong children, period.

Strength has two sides, mental and physical, that must be utilized to protect free will and survive the “useful idiot” attacks of the weak. They will not stop because they are part of Nature’s core and that’s OK as they act as a balance. But we must not succumb to the easy path yet not over pursue the path of strength. We need balance and in Nature’s numerous examples laid out before us, it’s always strength that dominates and balance that allows us to ascend to greater and greater heights of the human experience…

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