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Monday, March 27, 2006

Viva La California and the California Senators

The Open Borders team met with the Return California to Mexico team over the weekend and, like many other places in America, got down to the business at hand, exploit poor dumb people for political power. I know this is harsh but sometimes harsh subjects require harsh explanations.

The reality of the whole spectacle(s) breaks down into two common and as old as dirt components, power plays and haves vs. have nots. Anybody who sees anything else in this is either wishful thinking or an idiot, you choose. The haves vs. have nots is part of the evolution of our species and is why we have political systems, legal systems, blah blah blah, and those will always produce stress and tension for those trying to hang on to and for those wanting to go after, POWER!

But the Democratic Party has started us down a real slippery slope where the consequences go right to the heart of the constitution. By wedding political clout with the legal system they have created the perfect opportunity to wipe out the legal voting system which renders our constitution useless and if that doesn’t scare you perhaps you shouldn’t live here anymore.

The derivative of Open Borders and the illegal vote is obvious to some and that is why the racist Return Cali to Mexico group joined the party over the weekend. The stakes are huge here in case you didn’t know, California’s economy is huge and the tax base that goes with the economy is huge, prime targets for power struggles.

So I have noticed two very important California politicians seem not interested in this little drama or who seem not to want to get involved in this, what say ye Boxer and Diane? And it’s interesting that in all of the coverage I have seen the talk about politics is used to pound Republicans and the President yet no one sought out the CA Senators, now why do you suppose that is?

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