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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Little of this and that…

From the land of Gollywood, every time you think something dumber would be impossible, presto, you have another idiot actress or actor speak! This time it was the actress Sharon Stone who thinks Hillary Clinton is too “Hot and Sexy” to become President. It just never seems to stop from this crew and one just has to think, “I couldda been an actor”, but I just wasn’t dumb enough!

The immigration issue is finally going to get its due and this will be fun to watch as we know the media is completely out of touch, the demos and repubs only care about votes and power, and the American People are sick of it! Kids demonstrating don’t impress me, radio DJ’s don’t impress me, following the law does impress me, which will it be?

Little Diane finally weighed in and in typical DNC form appeased and went weak. The number one tactic on the DNC action list is, GO WEAK or don’t go at all!

Islam is bloodthirsty again and this time it’s the “good” ones seeking the blood because an Islam guy converted from Islam. And clearly that is an action that requires death because as we all know, you’re either for Islam or waiting to be put to death, because it’s a religion of peace, got it? How long will the weak crowd take to realize that left to their own actions they will be under the rule of Islam? And if-when that happens, they can kiss the Feminist movement goodbye, they can kiss the Hillary for President movement goodbye, they can kiss the secular movement goodbye, they can kiss FREEDOM goodbye, they can kiss their ASS goodbye…

Have a nice day!

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