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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some more this and that

Congress ”Person” blows by security checkpoint and what’s the reason, “we’ll don’t they know who I am?” So many examples of double standards by politicians it’s impossible to keep up with. I wonder what it is about all of these politicians and Judge Types who feel their “feelings” are above the rule of law, but yours and mine are surely not.

The Cause and Effect link so carefully analyzed and rationalized to deal with feminism, racism, ageism, etc., is completely ignored when it comes to discussions about men and fatherhood. Do you think their might be a reason men have a hard time being fathers in a system that is completely rigged against any man who doesn’t tow a very specific line completely dominated by the female decision process? Do you think pounding them into submission and taking their money could have ever been a good long term strategy? Do you think rigging the Court Systems to discriminate against men would produce more men taking care of their children or less? Do you think making is easier for every protected “type” to get legal satisfaction against men would endear them to the process? Do you know what the results of this assault are which started 30+ years ago? Checked the marriage rates lately, checked the single mother raising children alone rates lately, checked how well children do without a male role model lately, and btw, have you checked your pulse lately?
Do you think the assault can continue much longer without its effects being felt for even more generations or maybe permanently? Do you care?

Drug War Status: Completely failed, supporter’s solution, more money! Sound familiar? What do you think would happen if any other war had been fought so hard, for so long, with so much money with these results; drugs more available than ever down to the GRADESCHOOL level, our enemies are richer than ever (foreign and domestic), other countries target our drug war results as a business opportunity, we jail over 4,000 US CITIZENS (mostly drug users) everyday to help fight the drug war, most of whom are US citizens whom need help, not casualties!!! All in the name of “protecting the children” which, as usual, sounds great, but in this case rings hollow and pathetically inept. Case in point broadcast on The Factor almost every night recently, child RAPIST get less time in jail than drug users, LESS TIME!!!! Does that sound like a judicial system designed to protect the children to you, DOES IT? Don’t you think its time we stopped the WAR on ourselves and took a new direction? Maybe you should open your mind a bit and chew on reality before you throw your support behind this failed war again… Maybe it’s time to admit the War is wrong and take a new direction, we would with any other war, why not this one?

Speaking of drugs and ruining lives, I saw the recent articles on Whitney Houston and was so sad. When she sang the National Anthem at the Superbowl (I think it was 1991) I had never been so moved, such power that day, such power… Is she someone who needs help, is a causality, or a war criminal? You decide…

Have a nice day!

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