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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Global Warming, even the name is wrong!

You know when a “Group of zealots” can’t even name their “movement” correctly you’ve got to stand-up and take notice. The “enlightened” few who take this seriously based on its name alone are typical “movement” types, and as we all know usually a few calculators leading a bunch of “useful” idiots around. Although in this case I think “useful” is over used a bit, don’t you?

Typical “useful” idiots like Cindy S. and too numerous to list Gollywood celebs actually believe they “know” what they are doing when in reality they are clueless. But the Global Warming crowd tops even those Gollywood clowns (sorry clowns) with respect to actual understanding of the movement. So I will make it very simple for you, the Planet is in a constant state of warming and cooling, or if you prefer, cooling and warming! See now you too are up to date on the movement.

The Planet’s journey through Space and Time like all things in Nature is marked by change, constant change, and the roller-coaster has far too many ups, downs, and turns for us to completely understand and predict the future. So if we remove this component from the equation we can really get down to what bugs most of the people in this movement, how we use the planet and her resources.

I am all for being as smart as possible, as “Earth Friendly” as possible, and “clean” as possible and clearly our history shows we balance this pretty well. Some periods are better than others but we are clearly making progress here.

So why over-sensationalize a wrongly named movement? In some we know their compassion is sincere, but for most we know the true reason, power, pure and simple power and so those that lay claim to being in this movement are actually part of everything they hate. As I’ve said before, be careful what you hate, because Nature is their waiting for you and you will become what you hate, as sure as global evolution changes with time, count on it!

Have a good one…

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