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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Men and Children, Hmmmmm

The male version of Roe vs. Wade, or more rightly called the male version of abortion on demand derived from judicial imagination, whoops, legislation, whoops, “RULING”, is getting a lot of play time in the male wars these days and as usual its as boring as ever.

Woman’s Rights Protectors, why not People’s Rights Protectors, oh sorry silly me, of course claim men just want to shurk their responsibility and “real” men types think it’s outrageous a man doesn’t want to be a “real” man in the face of fatherhood. So what’s really at play?

Male whiners first (change of pace, can’t claim sexism on this blog!) are missing the most obvious point of being a “real” male, a “real” male never, EVER, has this problem, end of line.

Female whiners of course think all things stemming from a “male” * dominated society are the “males” fault and therefore it goes with out question that women should be able to pick and choose when a male is involved in the decision and when not. Want to have the child or abort, woman only question, but of course, want to care for the child, woman only question, want to be financial responsible for the child, woman only decision! So women decide completely if and which part of the process they will “let” the male become involved in. Of course “let” here means by legal decree! Notice the lack of “male” decisions points here? Very convenient huh? And then they wonder why males have a problem with the system! Hmmmm do you think it’s a tad tilted based on gender here, maybe just a tad????

* A male dominated society huh? Does anyone still believe this except the people still trying to use the courts to determine legislation to punish males for sins nearly all of the current males didn’t commit??? Hmmmm do you think!!!!!

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