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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Church of Law

And the Church just keeps on giving to its followers with these most recent examples;

1) The leakers to the NY Times and the Times itself still not under investigation for at least espionage and maybe Treason. You or I would be jailed in shackles by now.
Note: For all you clowns piling on Bill Keller clearly you know little about corporate management even for a corporation run as poorly as the NY TIMES, of course the person whom approved this nonsense was the CEO and the real useful idiot is not Bill, but the ever present Pinch. I think if the term USEFUL IDIOT had a poster child and one could appoint a CEO for the UNION OF USEFUL IDIOTS, one would be hard pressed to find anyone more fitting for the job than Pinch!

2) SCOTUS again equates the WAR on Terrorist with the WAR on DRUGS! Sometimes when you see the highest court in the land acting like useful idiots it just makes you wonder how the process could be so screwed up that we allowed that level of idiot on the courts. How could the system be so bad that we have Judges who display for all to see complete disdain for the very system we-they live by?
3) Forget the fact that Ward Churchill is a complete idiot, a poster child for what’s wrong with the liberal professorship living on the tax payer dollar, and just focus on his dishonesty and gaming of the system. If you did that in the private sector you’re gone in a flash but if you do that on the TAX PAYERS DOLLAR you can go to COURT and find a friendly USEFUL IDIOT Judge who will side with you!

The only way to change this is with your votes, please think about it.

Have a good one…

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