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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Church of Law

O’Reilly last night had a Massachusetts State Senator(?) thinking “BUSH” had broke the law because he didn’t get a Federal JUDGE to approve his “SWIFT” actions (NO not the boat in Cambodia!) and that’s all that mattered to him. I have told you before some people feel the LEGAL system now controls the Presidency, IN A TIME OF WAR!

How does one describe these types of people, beyond bureaucratic clowns, beyond useful idiots, beyond partisan hacks, beyond clueless blowhards of questionable intelligence, how?

I think I have it for as long as we live in a majority rule society and they are out of power, they,

WORSHIP at the Church of Law

Yes, they worship its every move, it’s control, its power over their life’s is not in dispute, they seek to protect the ruling class, control the common class, and attack all whom disagree at their place of WORSHIP.

Most label them lefty secularist, but fear not worshippers, they worship and they might even worship harder and more often than you! You live your life day to day in support of your family and friends bolstered by your beliefs. They live everyday in fear of not being in control, in fear of not owning the thing they worship. Most of you feel “ownership" of “GOD” or your religion is not even a question let alone a struggle. Imagine if you had to spend all of your time worrying that it was in question, and worse than that, someone might take it away from you just because they disagree with you.

Think about this next time you see them in such a state of despair, scared and crouched in a corner, shuddering in fear, and don’t feel sorry for them, just be understanding and hope that one day maybe they can live without fear and that they summon the courage to face their religion. Maybe one day they might even gain the courage to worship out in the open, just like you.

To Prosecute or not to Prosecute Government Leakers and the Media

Why is this a question? We have laws, they have violated them, you or I would be nailed in a sec, why is it different for them?

Because the legal system is owned by the political class, end of line.

Recent examples can be found looking into Kennedy and DUI, you or I, nailed with felonies, Kennedy, not a problem would you like a ride home sir?

House Member punches cop, no charges, no problem. I’m sure if you or I went down to where some police were working and punched them in the chest, no problem, except the felony arrest, jail time, legal expenses that would kill most peoples budget, crime record for life, just little details like that.

Private Citizen leaks classified information, hard labor for life in prison at Leavenworth, but if you’re a friend of the NY Times or a reporter, party time!

And you think the law is fair and supports you? How foolish can you be? You need to ask yourself that next time you vote…

Have a good one…

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