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Monday, June 26, 2006

American Politics and the OLD PRESS MACHINE

We all know the Old Press Machine has been dying a slow death for some time now. We know AP and Reuters are run by clowns with political agendas, we know the LA and NY Times are run by little men with big ego’s who have no problem running their “businesses” into the ground, and yet those organizations appear to notice no problem with their business models failing, or, are they failing?

Has the OLD PRESS Machine found new revenues that drives its agenda based machine? Since all of the over the counter data suggests a slow yet steady death we must surmise these captains of the Ancients must have some other income were not aware of.

We know they kill more tress than any other industry yet take no heat from the Eco nuts, we know they are anti-American yet numerous Americans that “SAY” they support America live and die by their words, we know they print inside info leaked for political purpose only time and time again and call it a “NEWS” story yet its always one sided and often factually challenged.

I think though that we have found their real revenue stream and its grouped with the Government Unions, the Racist and Feminists economies, its grouped by left wing billionaires with severe delusions of self-importance, it’s the revenue of “perceived political power”, and that power is so intoxicating that it appears once drank you forever more are lost to the “DARK SIDE”…

Simple you say, but of course, old as the hills you say, but of course, so what changed and why is it so isolated yet so powerful? Three reasons have driven the process to its current state of insanity;

1) The current version of MASS communication ignited by the computer industry.
2) The Legal system has been morphed into a political system.
3) The political election process is rigged like never before, dwarfing the rigged elections of yesterday.

The first point is extremely complex and a war is going on right now, as we all know, with the old fighting the new, but in reality it’s with the many taking out the few. The few still don’t see it but they have lost, and they can NEVER, EVER, put the Genie back in the Bottle, but like a drowning person that will die hard and take as many with them as they can.

The second point posits that the legal system was dragged into the political process when one of the National Parties realized their ideas weren’t popular enough to win the majority vote anymore. This has been brewing for years and it is now out in the open and the fight is to the death for some. The legal system that was designed to protect the common person was used to protect the rich, the powerful, and those on the inside, while the common person went to court and rolled the dice. The rich, powerful, and insiders still get most of the breaks, but even they are now subject to a higher calling for the legal system, political law. It’s only a matter of time before the pressure builds and that process explodes against those that use the legal system to manage the public at large. Why you say? Because it’s the beauty and POWER of the constitution they are fighting and I guarantee, “We the People, By the People, and For the People” will win, it always has!

The third point scares me the most as the National Parties now control the political process and have rigged the voting process via gerrymandering for the Lower House and Rich only for the Upper House / Presidency. How we fix that will be interesting to figure out.

So if you agree with me, the OLD PRESS MACHINE exists for one purpose now and has only one revenue stream, political power. And like all other entities that had their time but refuse to realize they have lost the edge, the death will be painful and hard to watch, you might even have noticed the hard to watch part already!

Have a good one…

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