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Friday, May 26, 2006

Free Market Ideas and Some Labeling!

Market Idea 1a: You want to support Illegal immigrant people, great, stipulate a part of your paycheck every month to the Illegal Immigrant Federal Bureau and they will adjust the number of illegals based on the contributions.

Market Idea 1b: Help illegals support illegals, tax all money movement back to Mexico at a 50% rate and think of all the great services they could have, schooling, healthcare, the list could be endless!! And the Illegal Immigrant Fed Bureau could grow just like all the other Fed Bureaus into an unaccountable bad management magnet!!!

More money, more immigrants, less money, less immigrants. And its’ all voluntary and-or self supporting, how cool is that!!!!

Market Idea 2: All foreign governments, the UN, etc., by donation only! You want to support them you got it, for a nominal Fed Bureau overhead fee you could save the world!! Volunteer, Volunteer, the UN needs your money now could be your slogan, how COOL is that!

Market Idea 3: Turn over Congress “people” whoops I mean earmarks to EBAY and let the bidding begin!!! Full transparency and we can watch the rich buy the lawmakers, whoops again I meant earmarks, right out in the open, how cool is that!!

Market Idea 4: All lawsuits against any government entity are entirely paid for by the suit filer, including all government costs. All lawyers’ fees will be less than 10% of the total combined costs minus Fed Bureau overhead to be decided by the Fed Bureau themselves. All awards won by filer are to be directed to a Fed Bureau to disperse the funds to the homeless and the filer will get a nice service plaque for supporting the homeless. Supporting the Homeless, How cool is that!!

Add your own ideas today to the National Debate and who knows maybe one day we can become a Nation of Majority Rule again, now how cool would that be!!

So Iran wants to Tag people of different religions, well here in the US I want to tag some different types too;

Blurry red eye’d bumper emblem on all Kennedy cars,
Don’t You Know WHO I AM bumper stickers for politicians and wealthy people whom are above the law you and I must live by,
Green for Thee not for Me lapel pins for jet setting, entourage toting “Global Warming” gas bags,
IA (Illegal Alien) bright GOLD patch signifying don’t touch or you’re a racist, don’t criticize or you’re a racist, and of course you have to pay for everything and if you don’t, right, you’re a racist,
FreeME florescent green student patch’s for any student not conforming to the Liberal ideology passing as free speech codes at colleges, and most if not all public schools,
SpinMoneyMaster green arm badge for all those who can and will spin anything for money without regards to the truth or the consequences of their spin,
BlowBubba florescent blue patches for all girls working at a certain ex-gov officials office,

Create your own and have fun!!!!!

Have a good one…

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