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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Wizard of OZ and Politics

If you had to pick a characteristic out of OZ that most politicians need today which one would you inject into them?

And for the record, both sides are bought and paid for by the National Parties so both share most of the same core problems regardless of their ideology.

Well let’s start with the easy one, do they need a brain? Most have at least double digit IQ and some range into the lower 3 digits range so this would help but surely not fix the problem. Some are actually VERY smart and some are amazingly stupid so for all of you haters and protectors don’t sweat it!

Well how about a heart? Are you kidding me!!!! All we hear these days is heartfelt BS. Heartfelt BS is spewed on any victims group (read voting bloc) and on any given day to PROTECT, PROTECT THE CHILDREN, PROTECT THE ILLEGAL ALIENS, PROTECT THE MEDIA, PROTECT because my HEART says it’s the right thing to do. We sure could use a lot less PROTECTING and a lot more ACTUAL REAL HELPING!!! Not bureaucratic job programs masquerading as PROTECTION Rackets for victims, blah blah blah…

Well if your still reading I guess you know where I am going, HOW ABOUT SOME COURAGE!!! A LARGE, no make that a VERY LARGE helping is needed all around. The constitution was built to handle and in fact requires checks and balances to work in an optimal fashion and that requires COURAGE! Not Clintonion BS, not Bush passive wimpy, not bought and paid for Senators, not cry baby self serving bureaucracies, we need some people with COURAGE to make a decision and stick to it… even when it hurts.. live on what happens, not on what didn’t happen, live to move forward not to evade and withdrawal, live to show some courage, you’ll like yourself better…

Have a good one…

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