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Monday, May 7, 2007

Freedom and Free Will

Freedom and Free Will are often interchanged yet miles apart so I wondered why do so many “smart” people continue to confuse this year after year, decade after decade, ever after ever???

So I decided to give a short but to the point examination for those of you whom might be confused:


Freedom: A series of definitions built on historical reference and current social environmental surroundings confused by political leadership and deconstructed by the “elite academic”. In other words it’s a “FEELING” and not much more unless the definition is crystal clear, useable, consistently applied, and is never subjected to “DECONSTRUCTIONISM” since anything subjected to that can only be a feeling.

Best Example (by far): The US Constitution.

Free Will: A quality of the living soul-mind that allows individuals to make independent decisions based on the information available to them. Free Will is not free in the sense that you must, MUST, have the Desire and COMITTMENT, to MAKE A DECISION. They are mutually inclusive and cannot be separated.

Best Example (by far): Being a parent.

Note: I love to watch the many flavors of DECONSTRUCTIONIST try and tear the US Constitution apart since they are using their Free Will to attempt something they will never be able to achieve. Why you might ask, why Watson it’s quite simple, the US Constitution is the best example, to date, of Free Will ever encoded into a definition of Freedoms. Because if you read above you see that Freedom and Freewill “look” in two different directions never to meet in real-time, one looks forward ONLY, and one looks at today(right now) and backwards ONLY. The catch is a physical one of time that exist in all of Nature, you cannot change the moment or the past, only the future! If you can’t “construct” and subject the physical law of time to a rigorous analysis I suggest you stick with deconstructionism…

Have a good one…

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