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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Stop it, Please Stop it!!!

Another blankity blanking un-believable committee! Talk about cruel and unusual torture!! How can you construct and set loose on the American public the following nightmare:

Bureaucrats acting like they know something,
Non-Partisan political professionals (is this possible, call Einstein!),
More camera time for the non-deserving,
Big checks to people, who do nothing but voice opinions,
Big checks to people who research “items” for the people, who voice opinions,
Big checks to talking heads to cover the people, who voice opinions,
The Blame Game, The Spin Game, The Buddy Game, The Insider Game,
I could go on but it gets so tiring, over, and over, and over…

Please stop it, don’t set it loose, where is Godzilla when you need him?

Did we not learn anything from the useless 9/11 committee? The UN committee? The National Health Committee, The Committee on More Committee’s. The Committee to prepare for the committee, The committee to start the committee, The committee to run the committee, the committee to confirm the committee report, the committee to establish a follow-up committee (unless of course they decide they need to start again, i.e. 9/11), and finally the committee to close down the last committee…

Did we not learn anything from these other committee’s that delivery reports with no teeth, no action, and whose sole purpose, drum roll please, demand more bureaucrats!

Algebra Question, finish the following equation:

Bureaucrats + Committees + Money = Answer Below

The biggest plague set upon America today at all levels of government that can afford it, the never ending bureaucratic merry-go-round… and it’s most visible at the committee level.

Think not do you, OK, go around to the top business people in the world and off the record ask them what they think of committees… once they stop laughing and ask if your kidding… well you get the idea… if not, go build a committee and figure it out when your done and your report is useless… the cycle is complete…

Algebra Answer: B + C + M = Your screwed

Have a Nice Day!!

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