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Thursday, September 8, 2005

What is a never ending loop since the 60’s?

Racism, Genderism-sexism, classism, meism, the framework for all things weak. That a small group of vocal people constantly rely on these frameworks to discuss anything and everything is the most striking example of people living in the past. People who cannot, or who refuse to grow up and understand that life is about people, of all sorts and all shapes.

Let’s take a look at strength in each one and see how these frameworks hold-up;

Racism: Martin Luther King put this one to bed 50 years ago yet it still rages. His dream was a colorblind dream which is the dream of all strong minded and grounded individuals. Racism only exists because it’s a component of hate and hate is a part of the human experience. When someone uses race to enforce or destroy a person or thing it’s just a sign of weakness on the part of the individual or group who need a crutch. Weak hateful people are part of every “race” and it’s long past time to destroy the racism economy and deal with haters, regardless of race.

Genderism-sexism: The fact that some people think woman are equal to men when it helps their cause and the same people think that they aren’t equal when it helps their cause is all the reason one needs to know that this “fad” has no meaning but to influence the weak minded among us. The fact that these same people think sex is good under one circumstance for women and not for men and vice-versa finishes the deal. If we are equal then none of the conditions above could co-exist. It’s long past time to destroy the genderism economy and deal with haters, regardless of gender.

Classism: The Ruling Party, the normal people, and the disenfranchised make up the three rings of Classism. The Ruling party only discusses the other two parties when constructing their positions. Normal people can vote to deal with their position, and the disenfranchised is a huge group of different types whom the Ruling Party tries to lump together because it makes their job easier. The Ruling Party is now so out of control that they don’t care about normal people and spend all of their time protecting themselves and feeding on the disenfranchised. Normal people just try to live their lives as best they can and deal with life as a matter of day to day business. They work hard to balance the efforts of the ruling class to disrupt their lives and help the disenfranchised more than the Ruling Party and the disenfranchised want or care to know. The disenfranchised fall into niches and make the most of their niches, non-participants feed off the system, the impaired rely on the system, and the exploiters exploit the system. Since Classism has been reduced to a have and have not mentality its seems the only focus is how much the disenfranchised don’t have. I think we should focus on the other side to fix this problem, how come we need so many billionaires? How many millionaires do we need? It’s long past time to destroy the Classism games and work to restore balance to our way of life.

Meism: Feeds from all of the above plus more and was mainstreamed in the 60’s as a popular cultural shaping tool. By removing the notion of what’s good for the group as one of the two primary drivers of self worth and making group worth a privileged class only thought we have completely lost balance in our ability to function as a group. Which in case you need reminding we are a group of people living in the United States, not the Individual States. The world is full of Individual States and if we compare where were at vs. the world you can see quickly how the Individual function separates and alienates more that anything else. Enough said here.

A common way of life for all of the nations, tough, a common law for all the nations, tougher, a peaceful and balanced way of life for the 6 billion plus people on the planet, priceless. Getting rid of the industries that support the above mentioned economies would be a great start!

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