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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Why are commercials (real polls) so important?

Because they are the most business type “poll” we have. By watching TV shows you gain little information about the audience and tons of information about the producers of the shows. If you want to know who is watching the TV show, check the commercials since the commercial buy people can’t afford to not show results, can’t afford to spend money on meaningless efforts, and most importantly can’t afford to allocate large percentages of a marketing budget to items that don’t produce results, yes I said that correctly, RESULTS.

Want to know who watched the Oscar’s, check the commercials, want to know who watched Nascar, check the commercials, want to know who watches basketball, check the commercials, want to know who watched Oprah, check the commercials, want to know who reads the NY Times, check the advertisements, who reads Drudge, check the advertisements, etc…, get the idea?

What most people fail to separate is producer of information from consumer of information and it’s easy to get confused since most produced information these days closely resembles advertisements, do you think this is by accident? The difference between the local news, a national news source, the NY Times and any infomercial airing at 2am is shrinking fast and in fact in some cases is already gone, i.e. politics, society “norms”, etc.

Gollywood, NY times and all of Old Noise Machine are very hopeful you continue to not differentiate between them and infomercials because once you do that then they too will be reduced to airing at 2am, think about that!

Remember you live in a free market system that is largely driven by the consumer spending habits of normal folks and you need to seriously consider where your dollars are going and what they are funding then use that information to shape your spending habits.

Give to ACLU, send money to terrorist and anti-American types, send money to an Ivy League school or “elite college, send money to anti-American types, buy insurance from Progressive, send money to liberal politics, go see a Gollywood movie, send money to the anti-American left, vote democratic in California, send money to teachers unions, etc..

Think about it, your children’s future depends on it…

Have a good one…

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